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You need Flash to use this feature

Caravan owners please log in and go to your caravan listing to edit the page

Follow the following steps

1) When you are logged in and go to your listing the edit box will appear on the page

2) Click "Edit This Page" and you will be able to click on the text, change the wording, move the text, move the pictures and so on. The following box will also apear, when you click on a text box or a picture this editor box will allow you to change font or text colour if you wish , however please make no radical changes here as the look of the site may be compromised

3) Once you have editied the text simply click on another page in the heading, the following save box will appear, if your happy with your changes simply click save

4) Your new editied listing is now live, simply go back to the login and then log out of the system

"Please note you can only edit your page, you will not be able to change the site or edit any other page"

editor box
save box